Dear Friends,
Holly and I are so thankful for the outpouring of support and encouragement from family, friends and fellow conservatives in the 48th district as this race.
We covet your prayers and support as we continue this journey to advance the conservative vision in Tennessee.
My commitment is to remain true to my conservative upbringing and beliefs, and I promise to support and defend the Constitution and the principles of our founding fathers of limited government and freedom. You can count on me to listen and to lead Tennessee in a conservative direction.
Tennessee is the best state to live and raise a family in the nation, and we must continue to elect leaders who understand how we've gotten here. I’m reminded of our national motto “In God We Trust.” It must be more than words on our currency. The blessings of our freedom and prosperity come from God--not government.
Please join us as we carry our message of principled conservatism across the 48th district.
Stay in Touch,
Adam Coggin
John 3 : 30

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